1. Moment E.P
    DJ Honesty

  2. Sense E.P. pt 2

  3. Sense EP

  4. Lemon Juice remixes

  5. 10 Years Of Bass Culture

  6. French Connection E.P
    Mr. G

  7. Lemon Juice E.P

  8. Powered Funk E.P
    DJ Skull

  9. Dark Outside E.P
    Leo Pol

  10. Ben Sims Pts Ron Bacardi
    Ron Bacardi

  11. Houdini Remixes

  12. The Sound Of Bass Culture mixed by D'julz

  13. Brock Wild EP
    Sebo K

  14. Castaway EP

  15. Sabre Song EP
    Steve Rachmad

  16. Bass Culture Remixes Vol 1
    Various Artists

  17. 50/50 EP
    Mr G

  18. Call My Name EP
    Lady Blacktronika

  19. Don’t Let Love Pass You By
    Master C & J feat Liz Torres

  20. Ben Sims presents Ron Bacardi
    Ben Sims

  21. Houdini EP

  22. Dub the Rub EP
    Mr Tophat and Art Alfie

  23. Groove X EP
    Mark Ambrose

  24. All In Vain EP
    Lady Blacktronika

  25. Would Be Back EP
    John Jastszebski

  26. Got That Swing EP
    Mr G

  27. Ensemble 01
    Various Artists

  28. What U See In Me EP
    Cassy & D'julz

  29. Pajala Sunrise EP
    Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie

  30. No More Talkin EP
    Chris Simmonds

  31. FREE DOWNLOAD : 4 Years of Bass Culture mixed by D'julz

  32. Late One Thursday Night EP
    Jordan Peak

  33. J’s Credit EP
    Mr G

  34. Rosario City Lover EP

  35. Da Madness Remixes

  36. Improvise EP

  37. How Dark Is Your Deepness ? EP
    Purveyors Of Fine Funk

  38. Third Strike EP
    Joel Alter

  39. Five EP
    The Analogue Cops, Ryan Elliott & Alex Picone

  40. Work EP
    John Jastszebski

  41. Die Nacht EP

  42. In Trecere EP

  43. Take Me Back EP
    Franco Cinelli

  44. Same Old Story EP
    Jay Tripwire

  45. Japan Ice EP

  46. Microdrama EP
    Dan Curtin

  47. Changing Cities EP

  48. Rules Of Love EP
    Joel Alter

  49. G's Spot ! EP
    Mr G

  50. En Pensant EP
    Alex Picone

  51. Make It Till Monday EP
    Arnaud Le Texier

  52. Planet Dub EP
    Franco Cinelli

  53. Fofoca EP

  54. Various 01
    Various Artists

  55. Silence Is Golden EP
    Joel Alter

  56. In Your Soul EP
    Zoe Xenia

  57. Beat Of This Beat Of That EP

  58. Extended Pain EP
    Mr G

  59. Sleepless Nights EP
    Rio Padice

  60. Slit EP
    John Dimas

  61. Caravan EP
    Oleg Poliakov

  62. Lov Is Easy EP

  63. Ivory Machine EP
    Arnaud Le Texier

  64. Let The Music Play EP
    Zoë Xenia

  65. The Pressure EP

  66. Thai EP
    Alex Picone

  67. Kalooo EP


Bass Culture Records Paris, France

Bass Culture Records is a house and techno music label started in 2009 by parisian dj / producer D’julz.

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